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Bristol Bay Campus Local Course Offerings 

To register for these courses, you will need to submit our paper Registration Form, found here.  In addition to the Registration Form,  travel forms or payments may be required before the registration process is complete.

Computer Business Applications

This class will focus on the basic uses for Microsoft Word and Excel. Students will also learn about the other Microsoft programs to include: PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher
40453 CIOS F150 BD1 - 1 Credit
Instructor: Brenda Bowen
Location: Dillingham - Bristol Bay Campus Computer Lab
Dates: April 22, 23, & 24
Times: Friday April 22, 6p - 8p
  Saturday April 23, 10a - 5p
  Sunday April 24, 10a - 4p
Costs: $196
 Travel Funding Available 

Building Ventilation & Energy

This class explores the best ways to keep your home ventilated while conserving energy use. 
ENVI F121 - 1 Credit
Instructor: Tom Marsik
Location: Dillingham
Dates: April 22 - 24
Times: Friday 6p - 9p
  Saturday 10a - 5p
  Sunday 10a - 4p
Costs: Scholarships Available
Travel Funding Available 

Intro to Personal Computers and Cell Phones 

Class will cover the basics of using a computer and frequently used software.  Students will learn also how to use a cell phone to search the web, while keeping your info secure. 

CIOS F100 - 1 Credit
Instructor: Brenda Bowen 
Location: Dillingham
Dates: April 29 - May 1
Times: Friday 6p - 8p
  Saturday 9a - 5p
  Sunday 10a - 3p
Costs: $196
 Travel Funding Available 

Coming Soon

Throughout the semester new classes will be added to this page.  Check back often to see what exciting opportunities we have to offer!

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