Students, Faculty, and Staff...  Did you know Group Fitness classes are NOW included with your membership? 

Check out the classes we have to offer, what's holding you back, it's FREE!

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Purchase Punch Cards to attend any class offered here at the SRC, INCLUDING CTC Classes!

Fitness Classes (see below for Spinning Punch Cards)


10 Punch

Public:  $68

5 Punch

Public:  $36

**This includes the facility day pass

Remember ALL fitness classes are free to MEMBERS! 

Spinning Punch Card


10 Punch

Public: $33

5 Punch

Public: $20

*Please note prices will be changing in Fall 2015 to accommodate the need for more bikes and routine maintenance. 

Find the right fitness class for your goal

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Lose Weight

Activities for you: Indoor Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Treadmill Workout, Kickboxing, Boot Camp/Sweatshop and Dance Fitness

Gain Strength

Activites for you: Circuit, Strength Training, Sculpting, Indoor Cycling, and Boot Camp/ Sweatshop

Training for a Running/Walking Event (5K, 10K, Marathon, etc.)

Activities for you: Run Club, Treadmill Workout, Indoor Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Yoga, Pilates, Core Training, Stretching and Foam Rolling

Class Descriptions

TRX Morning Wake-up -- A great start to your morning.   Join us for a class that uses body weight to your   advantage.   Challenge yourself with our unique straps mounted to the ceiling along with other accessories such as Bosu's, stability balls, and dumbbells.

CardioKickboxing-- An awesome workout full of fat blasting cardio, upbeat music, and a routine sure to tone and sculpt.         

HardCORE - 30 minutes closer to a flat stomach or chiseled abs you can brag about. We'll challenge any skill level with this class.        

Sweatshop - Stop wishing and start doing.   A perfect comination of cardio and strength,   and with music to inspire and motivate, you'll be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.  Any skill level welcome.  Come ready to sweat!  

Leaner, Fitter, Stronger- An hour long workout aimed at toning, sculpting, and increasing your overall strength.  Test your edurance and determination to finish with this great high energy session.                                  

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)-  Get more bang for your buck principle, torch more fat and burn more calroies in less time with this quick, fun, and engerizing class. An extreme and intesne class not for the weak of heart, work to point beyond where your body wants to quit. 

Spinning -- Enjoy a cardio workout in our cycling studio while we motivate you with awesome music, challenging rides, and leaders to motivate and push you all the way to the top.  Low impact but fierce, cycling is great for building core strength and working on endurance.  Blast the calories and enjoy the ride.

Zumba -- Dance your heart out and get a great workout at the same time.  New music, fat blasting moves,  and fun; you won't even believe you're working out….until the next day.      

TRX -- An amazing heart pumping workout! A cure for monotonous workouts, challenge strength, cardio,   and endurance with this NEW class. Transform your physique, going from now to wow!  

Motivation for working on you!

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