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Alaska Needs More Wildland Firefighters

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Pathway to Well-Paying Employment

You don’t need to wait if you want to work toward becoming an advanced Wildland firefighter.  Interior-Aleutians Campus provides an opportunity to help you accomplish this goal. In short time you can earn several university credits, taking classes that align with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s curriculum requirements, and add credentials to your wildland firefighter red card.  

The wildland firefighter program was developed to help build a skilled Alaskan workforce so that there would not be such a need to bring advanced wildland firefighters to Alaska from the Lower 48.

Alaska’s Only Distance Delivery Wildland Firefighting Classes

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Basic Firefighter

Required for employment on a fireline. Students will obtain a Red Card upon completing
FIRE 151: Wildland Firefighter I -- 3 Credits (36-45 hours)
FIRE 152: Wildland Firefighter II -- 3 Credits (48 hours)
6 Credits

Advanced Firefighter

First level required for Resource Management on a fire crew.
Students will receive additional qualifications that will be applied to their Red Card upon completion of the courses.

FIRE 153: Wildland Firefighter III -- 2 Credits (28 Hours)
FIRE 157: Wildland Fire Air Operations -- 3 Credits (46 Hours)
FIRE 155: Wildland Fire Behavior I -- 1.5 Credits (29 Hours)
FIRE 159: Wildland Fire Interface Ops. --  2 Credits (28-32 Hours)
FIRE 161: Incident Logistics Function -- 2 Credits (Various)
10.5 Credits

Single Resource Boss

At this level, students are eligible to run their own crew or have gained enough training and skill
to operate separately and independently from the fire crew.
FIRE 251: Wildland Firefighter 4  -- 3 Credits (42 Hours)
FIRE 254: Incident Finance and Administration -- 1.5 Credits (16-20 Hours)
FIRE 255: Wildland Fire Behavior II -- 2 Credits (32 Hours)

Total 6.5 Credits

Contact Information:
Tylan Martin
Wildland Fire Science Faculty

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