Tribal Management

Native Corporations and tribal organizations are one of the leading employers in rural Alaska. The Interior-Aleutians Campus Tribal Management Program provides students with educational opportunities that will allow you to become effective leaders in Alaska Native Tribal Government and institutions in rural Alaska. You can earn a certificate or associate’s degree in tribal management. Additionally, the credits earned in this program can apply toward a bachelor’s degree in rural development.

Program Description:

  • The Tribal Management Program was developed in response to the needs of Alaska Native Tribal Governments and is part of a comprehensive plan to spread academic education throughout the state and in every rural community.                                                                                     
  • Tribal Management courses focus on the knowledge and skills that are considered most important to tribal employers in Alaska. The program provides a much needed and sought-after service to rural Alaska’s tribal and local government employer base and workforce.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • This program provides entry-level skills for positions in tribal institutions, local government and other organizations in rural Alaska.

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Kevin Illingworth
Tribal Management Program Head and Assistant Professor

Byron Bluehorse
Alaska Tribal Technical Assistance Program Manager and Assistant Professor
907-474-1580 or 888-846-2422

Carrie Stevens

Assistant Professor, Tribal Natural Resources


P.O. Box 756720
Fairbanks, AK 99775
Toll Free • 866-474-5710
Fax • 907-474-5561

Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes Course Online

Welcome to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Interior-Aleutian Campus’  Tribal Management course TM112 – Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes.

This is a self-motivated and self-paced online course. Students should plan a learning schedule and progress at an individual pace. read more

TM F112 - 1 Credits
Introduction to federal Indian law, focusing on the impacts to modern Alaskan tribal governments. Particular attention will be given to the relationship between federal Indian law and tribal justice systems in Alaska. Graded Pass/Fail.  Recommended: TM F110. (0+0)

Tribal Management Graduates 2013
  • Jessica Boyle, First Chief of Circle

    Jessica Boyle, First Chief of Circle

  • Tonya Fields, Second Chief of Circle

    Tonya Fields, Second Chief of Circle

  • Congrats to I-AC's Tribal Management Graduates

    Congrats to I-AC's Tribal Management Graduates

  • Tonya Carroll, Second Chief of Circle

    Tonya Carroll, Second Chief of Circle

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