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Magical Mondays

Tuesday - Healthy Living Lecture Series

May 31 - Birch Pollen: Nothing to Sneeze At
Dr. J. Timothy Foote, Pediatrics and Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

June 7 - How to Sleep Soundly in the Land of the Midnight Sun
Dr. Scott Luper, Naturopathic Medicine

June 14 - Aging at Home Fairbanks: A Village Movement
Barbara Lando, Founder of Fairbanks Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and Aging at Home Fairbanks

June 21 - The Invisible Disability
Dr. Steven Lewis, Audiologist

June 28 - Six-Pack to a Better Back
Valerie Ann Phelps, Physical Therapist and Peter Burke, Fitness Trainer

July 12

July 19 - Why You See and Why You Don't
Dr. Katherine Johnson, Opthamologist

July 26 - Aerobics to Zumba: Finding our active groove
Reina Hasting, Nutrition Educator

August 12 - Replacement Options for Missing Teeth
Dr. Jeffery Rogers, Periodontist

August 9 - Immunizations Across the Lifespan
Shelly Foint Anders, Nurse Consultant and Jenny Davis, Public Health Nurse

August 16 - Saving and Heaing Lives Through Organ Donation
Sanya Krenzelok, Life Center Northwest



June 16 -
"Medication Therapy Managment: How it can save your life!" 
Leah Scadden, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Wednesday - Discover Alaska

Thursday - Music in the Garden

Video Recordings of Past Events


June 12 - An Evening with Gloria Steinem

Healthy Living Lecture Series
June 16 - "Medication Therapy Managment: How it can save your life!" Presented by Leah Scadden, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Discover Alaska Lecture Series
June 17 - "The Lost Alaskans: The mentally handicapped who were sent to Oregon's Morningside Hospital" Presented by Niesje Steinkruger, Retired Superior Court Judge

2014 Healthy Living and Discover Alaska Lectures are available as a YouTube playlist. Please click the links to view the recordings.

June 2: Honoring the late Helen Atkinson

May 19: Incivility and Gridlock in Washington: Why America Needs The Village Square (presentation) The Village Square Handout

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