Applications to DVM Program close October 1, 2014

What are the next steps? When should students hear about their application?

CSU-CVMBS has prepared the following so that applicants will know the time-frame and expectations of the admissions committee. 


2. All Updates, Confirmations, and Notifications will occur via the DVM Admissions Portal

3. Evaluation & Notification of Admissions Status

The Office of Veterinary Admissions has a Phased Admissions evaluation and notification process which has been divided into four phases. This will provide applicants with an estimate of when they might expect to be notified about their admission status. The phases are as follows: 

·         Phase One: early October - Notification and denial of applicants who have an incomplete application. These are applicants who did not submit the VMCAS and/or the Colorado Supplemental Application(s) and/or associated application fee by the deadline. 

·         Phase Two: mid-October to mid-November - Applicants for the UAF/CSU Program or the Combined DVM Programs will be notified, via the portal, if they have been denied, selected as an alternate or offered a position. Applicants who have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or less will be read, some will be denied and will receive notification via the portal.  

·         Phase Three: mid-November to late-December (late-January for WICHE applicants) - Applicants will be notified if they have been denied, selected as an alternate, or offered a position in the DVM Program. Also, Early Nonsponsored offers will be made to those WICHE candidates who were highly ranked by the CSU Admissions Committee members. 

·         Phase Four: early May to late-August - Accepted applicants will have exclusive access to the DVM Admissions Portal. 


Corrosion Casting Available Soon


Dr. Ors Petnehazy will be offering services

Dr. Petnehazy has perfected a method of corrosion casting and hopes to be able to provide the service  within the next 3 months.  Contact the department for a quotation, and information.

"OH" One Health Seminar Series

Mondays, Murie Auditorium, 4:30 pm



SEPTEMBER  15  Jai Lui - Therapeutic Hypothermia and metabolomics

SEPTEMBER  22  Kelly Drew - Translating A1AR agonist-induced torpor for therapeutic hypothermia

SEPTEMBER  29  Molly Murphy - The answer is blowing in the wind – or how the interaction of insects and climate is changing the landscape of disease.

OCTOBER         6   Karsten Hueffer - Rabies Biology and it's Ecology in a Changing Arctic

OCTOBER       13   Arleigh Reynolds - Going to the dogs in an extreme way: The relationship between sled dogs, mushers and the environment

OCTOBER       20   Lorrie Rea - Steller sea lions and their prey as sentinels of environmental contaminants in the Aleutian Islands

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