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Bristol Bay Campus Local Course Offerings 

To register for these courses, you will need to submit our paper Registration Form, found here.  In addition to the Registration Form,  travel forms or payments may be required before the registration process is complete.

Intro to Traditional Crafts: Net Hanging

This class will teach students the art of hanging a set net. 
40454 APAR F150 BD8 - 1 Credit
Instructor: Wassillie Gumlickpuk
Location: Dillingham - Bristol Bay Campus Shop
Dates: May 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13
Times: Monday-Thursday 6p - 9p 
  Friday 6p - 8p
Costs: Tuition Covered by BBEDC
Requested that students supply their own net hanging bench.

Revival of the Cold War: Russia and Ukraine

This presentation will look at the historical Cold War, and how we may be admist a "Cold War II"
40557 NONC F008 BD1 - no credit
Instructor: Mike Wadyko
Location: Dillingham
Dates: May 18
Times: Wednesday 6p - 8p 
Costs: Free Presentation 

Birds of Alaska

 Look at the bird species that travel through Bristol Bay in the spring. Class will spend some time in the classroom learning about the species and then take a field trip around Dillingham on a bird count to document the variety of types.

SCIA F161 - 1 Credit
Instructor: Nathan Coutsoubos
Location: Dillingham
Dates: May 18, 21, & 22
Times: Wednesday 5p - 9p
  Saturday 7a - 4p
  Sunday 9a - 12p
Costs: $196

Coming Soon

Throughout the semester new classes will be added to this page.  Check back often to see what exciting opportunities we have to offer!

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