Ashly doing pistol squats when training last year.

Member Micro-Blog: Eat to Train, Not Train to Eat

Over this academic year, DRAW will be featuring a “Member Micro-Blog” from some SRC members as they train for various competitions. These blogs are one person’s journey and training practices and do not represent DRAW’s professional opinion. Ashly will be writing our first member micro-blog for DRAW. In the next few weeks she will be preparing for an Alaska Figure competition in Anchorage in early October.


September 18, 2014:

I started this journey in March 8, 2014 for my first show May 31, 2014. I never thought I would be able to do Figure competitions. Being center of attention is not my thing. My friend who owns a fitness studio in North Pole kept asking me to compete, and I finally gave in. I had been used to training hard because I grew up playing boys competitive hockey and went on to play D1 women’s college hockey. I thought to myself “Where do I start for this type of competition?” I knew the gym aspect, but diet training was new to me. I sat down with my friend and she gave me her theory: no processed foods, only whole foods. This made sense. I read ingredients of food, if it was something I could not pronounce or I did not recognize, I did not buy it. I always tell myself we eat to train, not train to eat. We need to feed our bodies food it can recognize so it can digest and use it properly. My diet consists of all fruits and vegetables, good carbs (i.e. wheat rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, Dave’s Killer bread™), fish, organic chicken, and occasionally red meat. For snacks I eat fruits, vegetables, raw almonds, popcorn, rice cakes, protein shakes, & Quest™ bars. I eat probably every 3 hours even if I’m not hungry because I know my body needs food. Lastly, but most importantly I drink plenty of water. A lot of people do not drink enough water and this is a critical mistake. I carry around a 32 oz (1L) water bottle and always have it full so I know I’m drinking enough liquids to replenish my body.

          I know some of my fellow competitors do some crazy diets and cut carbs at a certain time or even completely, or even limit themselves to one fruit per day, but I do not believe in that. Once we learn how our bodies work, then we can feed it properly because every body is different. We need to remember to listen to what our bodies are telling us and give it the proper nutrients. We are only given one body so we better take care of it the best we can because there is no replacement.

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