How Do I...

Office of Finance & Accounting

request a new PCN?

find out if a payment has been issued?

get Banner access?

find an unlocated ACH deposit?

locate more information about financial tasks I need to complete?

get more information on issuing a Direct Pay?

Office of Management & Budget

submit an FY15 Budget Request?

Auxiliary Operations

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Who has to have a meal plan?

If I do not have a meal plan, can I purchase meals at Lola Tilly?

Do I use my PolarExpress card for my meal plan?

What meal plan can I pick/ how do I determine which meal plan is best for me?

How do I drop my meal plan?

How do I change my meal plan?

What is Munch Money?

Who do I talk to about my dietary restrictions?

If I do not have a meal plan, Can I purchase meals at Lola Tilly?

How do I get a refund from a vending machine when it doesn’t work?

How do I request a to-go meal?

Seconds Anyone?

Office of the Bursar

Check my charges and payments for the semester?

Pay my tuition and fees?

Get my refund?

Get a parking permit?

Get my PolarExpress card?

Get a Courtesy Card, and what is it?

If I lose or damage my card what should I do?

Deposit funds on my Bear Bucks account?

Where can I use my Bear Bucks?

What is Munch Money?

Have lab and building access added to my card?

Join the SRC?


assign the correct account code?

know what Per Diem rate to use?

sign up for direct deposit?

do a business comparison?

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