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2015 Legislative Session (FY16 Budget Request)

Advocacy information will be updated soon.  For details on the FY16 UAF requests, click HERE

2014 Legislative Session (FY15 Budget Request)

Chancellor's message

The University of Alaska Fairbanks FY15 budget request to the state is for the financial resources necessary to continue essential teaching, research and service to communities throughout Alaska. Our focus is on preparing students for success in college and in their future careers, through strong instructional programs and intensive advising to help them complete their degrees on time. We are expanding and improving online education and degree programs that lead to high-demand jobs. Research for Alaska includes resource development areas such as engineering, mining and fossil fuels, furthering our effective partnerships with Alaska’s industries. Throughout this booklet, you will find programs and initiatives in areas of greatest need that address the priorities of our state leaders.

In recent years UAF has further strengthened internal review of spending and has made substantial savings via strategic reductions and greater efficiency. That review process will continue as we approach the centennial of Alaska’s first university. The FY15 budget request represents a commitment both to serve Alaska and to be good stewards of our state resources. It supports our high-quality programs and the faculty and staff necessary to deliver them, as well as providing the infrastructure necessary to continue our service to the state. I am confident that UAF is a good investment. I hope you agree.

Warm regards,

Brian Rogers, chancellor

Brian Rogers

FY15 UAF budget request summary booklet

Fact sheets

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Capital research fact sheets

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