Educational Travel Program

Fall semester 2016 will mark the tenth year that Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning has been hosting educational cultural tours around the world.  Since the inaugural tour to China in 2007, we've traveled to Vietnam, Peru, Portugal, the Galapagos Islands, Ireland, Greece, and many others.  Each journey makes us better world citizens as we come to understand these countries through the eyes of the local people.

We currently have space available in upcoming tours to Ireland, Cuba, and Bali.  Click on the tours below to view information specific to each of these tours.  We hope you'll be able to join one of these excursions for a truly exciting and educational experience.  To receive notification of new travel opportunities as they become available, send your email address to today. 

Colorful Charming Cuba, December 20-January 1, 2017

Colorful Charming Cuba, January 10-22, 2017

Exquisite, Exotic Bali, January 16-30, 2017

The tours below are sold out.
If you wish to have your name added to the waitlist, please call the Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning office at 907-474-7021.

Rafting the Grandeur of the Grand Canyon, April 9-21, 2017

Splendors of Spain, October 31-November 16, 2016

Travel in Alaska 

Denali National Park

COURSE NO.    JRN F049-F01 (CRN 51904)
MEETS             July 19-22, Cost $600

In the heart of one of America's national treasures, the wildlife, the mountain, the terrain is a photographer's dream to capture. Course fee includes housing, food and transportation within the park. Students provide camera, all-weather clothing and transportation to the park.

Noatak River

COURSE NO.   JRN F049-F02 (CRN 51905)
MEETS            August 6-20, Cost $3800

This Photo Journalism field course will be held on the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. While we will be learning about photography, we will also be canoeing, hiking and camping in one of the wildest, most remote and most beautiful areas of Alaska.  Outdoor travel in this magnificent area has risks associated with the Arctic.

Acceptable risks include but are not limited to canoeing on extremely cold water, hiking over rough uneven terrain with muddy and loose footing, having wet feet and clothing.  Conditions may include below freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, rain, sleet, high winds and hopefully sunshine. Travel risks include flying in small aircraft.  While this course includes a refresher on canoeing skills, participants need prior paddling experience.  Alaska is a wild place - you need to take ultimate responsibility for your own safety as only you can. Leave No Trace ethics and outdoor skills will be reviewed but participants need to have the physical abilities and gear to participate fully and safely in the Arctic.

Participants must be able to:
- Independently get in and out of a canoe quickly
- Lift and carry personal gear/ 30 pounds over uneven terrain, we will have to carry gear over two portages.
- Lift and carry half a 65- to 80-pound boat over uneven terrain
- Bend and twist
- Get up and down off the ground easily
- Get out of the water independently in the event of capsize (self-rescue)

Participants are required to bring the gear described in Course Gear List to the pre-trip meeting on August 5th so we can go over your gear with you. Once we leave Fairbanks there will be not opportunity to buy gear.  Because of the risks and remote setting, the course leaders can decide a person may not participate in the course or may be removed from the field for health and safety considerations.

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