2015 - 2016 Award Opportunities

Now open:
Spring Project awards - undergraduate students - up to $2,500

Click here for RFP

Click here for the Spring Project Award application
Deadline to apply is 11:59 pm on November 20, 2015
Awards announced December 11, 2015


Spring travel (students - up to $2,000)
Applications open December 7, 2015
     Deadline to apply January 22, 2016
     Awards announced February 12, 2016

Summer Undergraduate Research (SUgR) (students - up to $5,000)
     Applications open January 25, 2016
     Deadline to apply February 26, 2016
     Awards announced March 18, 2016

Innovative Technology and Education (faculty, staff, and students)
Applications open February 5, 2016
     Deadline to apply March 11, 2016
     Awards announced April 15, 2016

For requests that fall outside of our normal schedule, please use these links:

Special support request for projects:
Click here

Special support request for travel:
Click here

Special support request for mentoring:
Click here

URSA Award Dates

View the URSA Award Schedule for academic year 2015-2016 for URSA's many award opportunities.

URSA Award Criteria
1. The purpose of the student's proposed project.
2. Explanation of the intellectual merit of the proposed project.
3. Explanation of the proposed project's contribution to a scholarly discipline.
4. The student articulates clear goals and/or expected outcomes of the project.
5. The potential for the proposed project to effect student learning or scholarly development.
6. The faculty mentor's role and/or participation in the project.
7. The written quality of the proposal.
8. The student, through articulate writing and inclusion of detail, makes a compelling case for funding the project.
9. The feasibility of the proposed project.

10. The project budget and justification.

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