UAF/CSU Inaugural class to begin Fall 2015

Applicants invited to UAF Veterinary Showcase March 12, 2015

The CSU/UAF program congratulates the six students who have accepted their letters of offer to begin class in the fall of 2015 at UAF.  The deadline for the remaining students is April 15, 2015.  

The University of Alaska Fairbanks invites their applicants to the first UAF Veterinary Medicine Showcase on March 12, 2015 and tour of the Large Animal Research Station on March 13th. Students who were sent letters of offer to join the inaugural class and would like to attend, should email us at to accept our invitation.  Laboratory tours will be available on both Thursday and Friday.   Please RSVP no later than March 1, 2015.  

UAF orientation will occur the week of August 10, 2015 - Plans are underway - check back often!

We are planning an extended Orientation for Monday-Saturday, August 17-22, 2015 in Fort Collins, Colorado.   Please hold these dates open for Orientation. Attendance is mandatory; late arrival or absence will result in rescission of your position (emergencies as an exception).  As an advanced note, please know Wednesday and Thursday will be held off campus and will involve an overnight stay.  Please make appropriate arrangements for pets and/or children.  The “Passages and Coating Ceremony” will occur on Friday afternoon, August 21.  Family members are encouraged to attend.  New veterinary medical students are required to visit our Orientation website at The information currently there may pertain to fall 2014 admissions, but it will be updated throughout the spring and summer for the class entering fall 2015.  Please check this site and the DVM Admissions Portal frequently for updates during this time.  You will find information about orientation, registration, and tuition, as well as required documents and book/supply order forms.  In addition, there are many other items of interest to incoming students. 

Watch our website for information on expectations, important dates, and schedules.  

Corrosion Casting Available Soon


Dr. Ors Petnehazy will be offering services

Dr. Petnehazy has perfected a method of corrosion casting and hopes to be able to provide the service  within the next 3 months.  Contact the department for a quotation, and information.

UAF/CSU Inaugural class to begin Fall 2015

Deadline to accept April 15, 2015

"OH" One Health Seminar Series

Mondays, Murie Auditorium, 4:30 pm



9             Chris Tompson, Guest Lecturer: Academic Director VetLearn; Associate Professor Neurology, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, New Zealand

 Use of cell culture in neuroscience research

16           Ors Petnehazy, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Asst. Professor of Anatomy and Diagnostic Imaging;

  Don't be a "Turkey"!

23           Katrina L. Counihan, Guest Lecturer:  Postdoctoral Fellow University of Alaska Southeast

Streptococcus infantarius infective endocarditis: links between the environment, sea otters and humans.

If you missed one of the Seminars, you can view a recording at:

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