Orientation Leaders

During Orientation you'll meet a team of specially trained student Orientation Leaders; we call them OLs. OLs will help guide you in your transition to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

If you are a current UAF student interested in becoming an OL, scroll to the bottom of this page to access the online application.

Tiffany Aguilar


Tiffany is from Fairbanks, Alaska she is currently a biological sciences and Japanese student.  She has been a UAF student for the last four years and this is her second year as an OL. She enjoys reading, tv, movies, and eating good food. One of her favorite classes was Japanese class because learning the culture and the language was fun. Her fantastic personality lights up the room and you will probably find her hanging out in the Murie study rooms. She wants to make sure that new students know how much UAF has to offer and how caring it is.


Dennis Barril

Dennis Barril is a sophomore Fisheries student from Juneau, Alaska. He can speak Swedish and went to Sweden on exchange. He is currently the Co-President of the Aurora Borealis Rotaract Club. He loves baseball, fly-fishing, boating, video games, movies, and music. He loved all of his fishery classes and he loves to study in his room and Arctic Java. He wants to help new students express themselves and their diverse backgrounds.


Mathew Carrick

Mathew was born in Crestview, FL and later moved to Wasilla, AK. He is a Mathematics and Economics senior who enjoys baking, birds, German, hiking and camping, history, economics, and medium to large sea creatures. He is a returning and enthusiastic OL, a Student Ambassador, ASUAF President (former Senator), Model UN President, Ethics Bowl participant and current organizer, student research assistant, and the 2013 UA Scholars student speaker. In the past, he has been involved with the German Club and the Honors Student Advisory Council. A fun fact about him? He was raised with chickens, and his time in Fairbanks has been the only time he hasn’t had any! He likes Monopoly, lemon sherbet, and lives in (and loves) a dry cabin.

Chanachai “Chan” Charoonsophonsak

Chanachai “Chan” Charoonsophonsak is a junior Statistics student from Barrow, Alaska. He can speak Thai and is originally from Thailand but moved to Barrow when he was four years old. He is currently the secretary of A.I.S.E.S and a member of A.N.S.E.P. He loves sports, working out, running, and video games. His all time favorite classes are calculus and ballroom dancing. He wants to encourage new students to be persistent in their studies and wants them to know that anything is possible if they work hard enough.

Allison Ducker

Allison Ducker is a 6 year biology and linguistics student from Anchorage, Alaska. She is learning Estonian, Japanese, and Icelandic. She is involved with the UAF Pre-Vet Club. She loves dog-mushing, horse riding, reading, Netflix, and video games.  A few of her favorite classes are Japanese, animal physiology and introduction to linguistics. She prefers to study in her room and she wants make sure new students are aware of all the services, clubs, and departments at UAF.

Brandy Flores

Brandy is a senior natural resource management and foreign languages student. She will be a student ambassador starting this fall and she is currently the president of  the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the president of Language Honor Society, and the vice president of resource management society. She enjoys staying busy, being outdoors and cats. You can find her in Murie or The Nook. She wants new students to get involved in the many things that UAF has to offer.


Carson Frank

Carson is a Junior art student from Wasilla, AK. He is involved with the GSA, he loves knitting, dancing, singing, awkward lip-syncing, rock-paper-scissors and cats. Carson’s favorite class is painting. Carson believes that there’s something at UAF for everyone. You’ll most likely find Carson in the painting studio or the UAF Women’s Center.

Kayleen Hansen


Kayleen is a senior biology student from Nikiski, AK. She is a student ambassador and involved with ASUAF, 4H, Model UN, and she was a delegate in the Juneau Legislative Session. She enjoys cooking, dancing, singing, making new friends and volunteering. You can find her studying in Murie and she wants new students to know that it’s okay to ask for help everyone needs it sometimes.

Rocco Haro


Rocco Haro is a Junior studying Petroleum Engineering with a minor in General Business. He is from San Diego, California. He is currently the President of the Associated Students of Business and the President of the Honors Program. He loves working out, reading, computer science, and psychology . His favorite class was physics and he loves to study in the 24 hour study area. He wants to make sure new students are well educated on time management and wants to teach them how to properly use a planner.


Jessica Herzog

Jessica Herzog is a sophomore natural resource management student from Butte, Montana. She is currently learning Spanish and is actively engaged  with the Wildlife Society,  UAF Ducks Unlimited, DRAW, and she’s a student ambassador. On her free time she loves to be outdoors she also loves creative writing. One of her favorite classes was anthropology and you can find her on move between the Wood Center and Murie. She wants new students to feel open to the college experience.

Shaelene Holstrom

Shaelene Holstrom is a 4th year rural development student from Naknek, Alaska. She is involved with Intervarsity, UAF Live, Traditions Board,  UAF Green Dot, and the Festival of Native Arts. She loves hiking, biking, running, card games and board games. Her favorite class was Yupik and she loves to study in the Murie building, Rural Student Services, or the library. She wants to encourage new students to work hard, have fun and not to give up.


Garrett Hoppner

Garrett Hoppner is a sophomore student from Fairbanks, Alaska. He is involved with Ducks Unlimited. He loves mechanical work, skateboarding, hunting fishing and camping. His favorite class was english and loves to study in the computer lab. He wants to make sure new students are familiar with the greater Fairbanks area and are informed about the harsh winter weather.

Aaliyah Huson


Aaliyah Huson is a sophomore biological sciences student from Belleville, Illinois. She is fluent in American Sign Language and a few of her favorite things to do are swimming, shopping and snowboarding. Her favorite class was sign language. She likes to hangout in the Wood Center and she wants new students to know that they are not alone in the college experience.


Connor Ito

Connor Ito is a sophomore general sciences student from Dillingham, Alaska. She is currently involved with the honors program and the League of Extraordinary Fandoms.  She enjoys drawing, fiction writing, digital painting, outdoor survival, fishing, and reading. One of her favorite classes was biological sciences but she enjoys a wide variety. You can find her studying in the Honor’s house. She wants new students to know that OL’s are fellow students that are here for them and that OL’s will do whatever they can to help.

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson is a sophomore civil engineering student from Ketchikan, Alaska. She is fluent in French and can speak a little Japanese. She is involved with UAF intramural sports. She loves soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, Game of Thrones, The Office,  kayaking, her cat, going for walks and reading. Her favorite class was drafting and she loves to study in her room. She wants to make sure new students know where to get food.


Marissa Lizarraga

Marissa Lizarraga is a sophomore criminal justice student from Houston, Texas. She can speak Spanish. She is involved with Ducks Unlimited. She loves soccer, ultimate frisbee, hiking, longboarding and Netflix. Her favorite class was sociology and she loves to study in the 24 hour study area. She wants new students to know that college is what they make of it and wants them to try and break out of their comfort zones.


Sabrina Martin

Sabrina Martin is a senior homeland security and emergency management student from Olympia, Washington. She is currently involved with the Socratic Society, Model UN, ASUAF and she attended the Juneau Legislative Session. She loves studying, reading, on-campus events, and live music. Her favorite class was comparative emergency management and she loves to study in The Nook. She wants to make sure new students know the abundance of resources UAF has to offer.

Tyler McClendon

Tyler McClendon is a senior Film and Theatre student from Fairbanks, Alaska. He is fluent in American sign language. He is currently involved with the Student Drama Association and he enjoys playing Ukulele, photography, rock climbing, and making fun of bad movies. One of his favorite classes was fundamentals of acting. You can find him in the Twenty-Three hour area of the library or The Pub. He wants new students to know how important it is to balance academics with hobbies and social life.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is a senior biochemistry student from Fairbanks Alaska. He is currently involved with the Meditation Club. He loves cooking, biking, meditating, meeting new people and trying new things. His favorite class was child development and he loves to study all over campus. He want new students to know that college is an opportunity for them to build personal and professional skills.

Nagarjuna Pamidi

Nagarjuna Pamidi is a graduate student studying electrical engineering he is from Ongole, India. He is fluent in Telugu(Indian). He enjoys playing a multitude of sports, exploring new places, learning new cultures and eating good food. His favorite class was embedded systems and you can find him hanging out in the Duckering building. He wants new students to be able to find information they need quickly and he wants to be able to answer all of their questions.


Jonathan Quinones 

Jonathan Quinones is a senior political science student minoring in philosophy, psychology and biology. He enjoys reading, watching Doctor Who, and talking about nonsense.  He is involved with ASUAF, Socratic Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honors, Student Veterans of UAF and Spanish Club. His favorite class was  history of modern philosophy. He can speak Spanish and French and is currently learning Mandarin.  You can finding him studying in the Honors House.  He is consistently inspired by his mother and the professors in the Political Science Dept. 





Cordero Reid

Cordero is a fourth year OL and a senior psychology and art student from Anchorage, AK. He is heavily involved with ASUAF, serving as a senator and a senate chair. He enjoys photography, portraits, landscapes, graffiti, football, the Seattle Seahawks, fitness, parkour, and lifting. He is a fitness trainer, and he collects flag pins and rare city pins. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to Northern Europe, because he thinks the arts and culture are some of the richest in the world.

Emmie Van Wyhe

Emmie Van Wyhe is a junior rural development student from Kenny Lake, Alaska. She is involved with many student jobs on campus. She loves hiking, fly-fishing, photography, and cooking weird things over campfires. Her favorite classes were zumba and sustainable agriculture. She loves to study in Murie and she wants to encourage new students to break out of their comfort zones.

Amanda Whittemore

Amanda Whittemore is a junior English and secondary education student from Delta Junction, Alaska. She is currently the secretary for the English Major Undergraduates and she is also part of the Dr. Who Club and Green Star Recycling. She loves reading, writing, Asian culture, and documentaries. She finds english and history classes the most enjoyable. She loves to study in Arctic Java, Student Support Services Office and the 8th floor of Gruening. She wants new students to know their degree requirements, time management skills and the many resources UAF has to offer.



Allyson Wukovich

Allyson Wukovich is a sophomore Biological sciences student with a concentration in cell and molecular sciences from Nome, Alaska. She's actively engaged in the League of Extraordinary Fandoms, Magic Club, Humans Vs. Zombies and the Honors program. She enjoys reading,writing, fishing, hiking, and role-playing games. She loves anything to do with biology and you can find her in the Honors House. She wants new students to know where all the important places on campus are, she also wants to encourage new students to not be afraid of reaching out and participating in student organizations and activities on campus.


Become an Orientation Leader!
The purpose of the UAF New Student Orientation (NSO) program is to provide services and assistance that will:
  1. Assist new students and their families in their transitions to life at UAF.
  2. Introduce students to the wealth of UAF resources.
  3. Create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety and maximizes positive attitudes.

Role Description:
Expectations and responsibilities for Orientation Leaders (OL’s) include:

  1. Attend and actively participate in all OL training programs.
  2. Assist with the organization, planning, and implementation of NSO programs and activities.
  3. Acquaint new students with campus services, activities, facilities, and encourage them to actively participate in the UAF environment through a positive and professional manner.
  4. Lead, manage and facilitate a group of 10-25 new students and their development through the NSO process.
  5. Give informative, friendly and engaging campus tours.
  6. Continue to interact with the incoming students through their first year at UAF; be approachable and respectful.
  7. Participate in the evaluation process of the UAF NSO program.
  8. Additional duties as assigned.

The minimum qualifications for OLs include:

  1. Good academic standing (i.e. GPA of 2.0 or higher) and good disciplinary standing for at least one semester at UAF.
  2. Relate well with students, parents, faculty and administrators.
  3. Be reliable, responsible, confident, flexible, willing to help and have demonstrated communication skills.
  4. Express a desire to learn more about UAF.
  5. Be available for all training and NSO sessions (Fall dates: Aug. 26 - Sep. 2, 2015).

There are numerous benefits to becoming an OL at UAF! These include:

  1. Personal, professional and leadership development.
  2. Enhance interpersonal skills, knowledge, confidence and service to others.
  3. Serve as a role model while assisting in the transition and retention of new students.
  4. Receive a stipend of up to $300 in Bear Bucks: $250 after completion of Fall Orientation, and an additional $50 for Spring Orientation volunteers.
  5. Early move-in to the residence halls for those living on campus.
  6. Exclusive clothing.
  7. Make new friends and be recognized for being a great leader.
  8. IT'S FUN!!

Time Commitment:
Orientation Leaders must be free for training beginning Wednesday, August 26 through Saturday, August 29, and for New Student Orientation all day Sunday, August 30. through Wednesday, September 2.

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