Academic Advisor Toolkit

Registration Toolkit

To download the Registration Toolkit, please click here.

Inside of this toolkit an advisor would find...

  • Quick Guide to Registration
  • Class Schedule and Course Finder Instructions
  • Instructions for Degreeworks usage
  • Printing Registration Form Instructions
  • Academic Calendars
  • List of Courses for 201201
  • List of Late Start Courses for 201201
  • Academic Advising Interaction Materials
  • Commonly used forms during registration

2012 Freshmen Progress Report Toolkit

Inside of this toolkit an advisor would find ...

  • How to print out a BANNER transcript
  • How to read a BANNER transcript
  • Procedures for Contacting Freshman Progress Report Recipients
  • Using BANNER screen GJIREVO to create a Word or Excel file
  • How to access UAOnline Personal Contact Instructions
  • A phone and email script for recipent contact used by the Academic Advising Center
  • Using Google Talk
  • A copy of the Learning Resource, Student Success Workshop, and Financial Sense flyers
  • A copy of the Add/Drop Form
  • A list of Fall 2011 Late Start Classes
  • A blank monthly planning calendar
  • A comprehensive definition of Financial Aid's Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • A copy of 2011-2012 Academic Calendar

Please click here to download the 2012 Freshmen Progress Report Toolkit.

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