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Faculty and Staff Advisor Spring 2012 updates

Learning Resources Flyer

If your students need some extra help suggest one of the many Learning Resource centers available. You can find out their hours of availability by clicking here to download the Learning Resource Flyer.


Upcoming NACADA Webinar Events

  • The next NACADA Webinar will be "Critical Issues in Advising at Open Admissions Community Colleges" on March 29th, 2012. This will be a panel discussion format and is being broadcast in Brooks Room 108 from 10:00 - 11:30am.

Questions? Ask an Academic Advisor!

Academic Advising Resources

UAF Academic Advisors for Colleges/Schools

  • Table of College/Schools Academic Advisors

UAF Faculty Advisor Manual

Early Warning Program Reports

Don't Cancel That Class! - Let our staff come to your class and give a lecture instead of cancelling it.

** Student-Athlete Advising - Related Materials **

Student-Athlete Practice Schedule - Fall 2011-12

Guide for Advising Student-Athletes - 2011

Academic Advisor Development Workshops are available during the school year and on request for deparements.  See the course descriptions for more information. Develop your academic advising skills and learn about academic advising resources at UAF and beyond.

Feist/Schamel Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

Academic Advising Interaction Form - Keep your notes on this enterable and printable PDF.

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