Course Scheduling and Registration

Why can't I register for classes?

I met with an advisor but am not registered for any classes, why not?

Why can't I register for classes?
There are several possible reasons for why you are not able to register. You can go to UAOnline and enter your Student ID number (an 8-digit number given to you upon Admission) and your PIN number (this starts out as your birth date) and pay attention to the message you get. Here are some possibilities:

  • "Authorization Failure": You put in the wrong ID or PIN number. You can try putting in your Student ID number and clicking on the "Forgot Pin" button. This will work only if you have previously used UAOnline and put a challenge question in. Otherwise, you have to contact the Registrar's Office to have your PIN reset (474-6300 or 877-474-6046).
  • You have a hold on your account: You can select to "View your Holds" and see what the hold is from and who to contact to get it taken care of. This is usually the result of a parking ticket, tuition owed or residence hall fines.
  • "You are not permitted to register at this time": If you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student, it is either not your time to register (see class schedule) or you must complete a Registration Form, have it signed by your advisor and then return it to the Registrar's office (or the Academic Advising Center, Rural Student Services, or TVC at 604 Barnette). The Registration Form can be obtained from UAOnline by clicking on Student Services, Financial Aid & Account Infromation --> Registration --> Select Term (select the current registration term and click on Submit button) --> Check Your Registration Eligibility (click on Print your UAF Registration Form here).

I met with an advisor but am not registered for any classes, why not?
Meeting with an advisor does not get you registered for courses. It simply allows you to register. Make sure that you turned in your signed registration form, then you have to go to UAOnline to register yourself for the courses you and the advisor discussed.

What do I do if I am on the wait-list for a course?
The best thing you can do is to go to the class on the first day. If the instructor doesn't mention the wait-list, then ask about it. If you are going to be allowed in to the class, ask if the instructor wants you to take written permission to the Registrar's Office or if they plan to do it. Don't assume that someone will let you know when you are in class - attend and find out!

How can I register for a course that requires special permission or has a class restriction?
You need to get permission, in writing, from the instructor. A class restriction means that you do not have the class standing to register for that course (i.e. you need to be a Sophomore to register for Art/Mus/Thr 200x). Most instructors will stick to a class restriction, unless you have special circumstances (such as completing courses during the summer to have the desired class standing by the start of fall semester). 

Where can I find the schedule of important semester dates?
Check out the academic calendar for a list of semester dates. 

What if I want to change my schedule after I talk to my advisor?
You can use the UAOnline system to switch class times around. Be cautious of dropping a class before checking to see if the one you want to add is full. You are not required to see an advisor to change your schedule, but if you have questions, or if you are changing to new courses (not simply rearranging the same ones) you are encouraged to discuss your new course plan with someone who can verify that you are taking courses that will be useful toward your degree. 

What does it mean to be Non-Degree Seeking? Is registration different for me?
Being non-degree seeking means that you have not been accepted to the University. Students end up in this category for a number of reasons, the most common are that you turned in an "Intent to Register" form that allowed you to register for classes while your application for admission was still being processed or that you are simply taking classes for your interest and are not currently seeking a degree. You should still see an advisor to discuss course scheduling and other concerns, but you will not have an official registration form that an advisor needs to sign. Non-degree status should be temporary. If you know that you are interested in pursuing a degree, even if you are not sure which one, you should apply to the University. The benefits of being in a degree program (even General Studies) include claiming a specific catalog year if requirements change and claiming a class standing (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) for the courses that require a more advanced standing. 

How do I drop or add a class after I am registered?
Prior to the start of the semester or within the first week of classes, you can add or drop classes using UAOnline. You do not need to see an advisor again, but you are welcome to discuss your plans with an academic advisor, and are encouraged to consult with someone to make sure that the class you want to add is still available. After the first full week of classes, you need to have advisor approval to drop or withdraw from a course. They will check to make sure dropping the class will not have an effect on your financial aid, housing, or graduation date. To add a class after the first full week, you will need to get written permission from the instructor before you will be allowed to add. You may also have to pay a late fee for a class added late. 

What if I need to withdraw from a course? Does a withdrawal affect my GPA?
A withdrawal occurs if you try to drop a course after the second full week (third Friday) from the start of classes. To withdraw, you need to fill out a drop/add form and have it signed by an advisor. The advisor will check to make sure that a withdrawal will not effect your financial aid, housing or graduation date. You can withdraw until the ninth Friday of the semester. A 'W' will appear on your transcript as your grade for the course and is not calculated in to your GPA. 

My class was TBA when I signed up. How do I find out when it meets?
UAOnline is updated as soon as the information is put in to the BANNER student information system. If you check UAOnline within a week of the start of the course and the time and place are still not available, contact the department to find out where and when the class will be meeting. Don't assume that someone will contact you and let you know, this doesn't always happen. 

How do I find out more about my financial aid?
See the Financial Aid website or log in to UAOnline.

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