Communication is one of the most versatile and broad disciplines among contemporary university offerings. The degree curriculum provides students with a thorough understanding of the process at work when people interact. The degree program provides a significant set of tools with which to enter any area of career interest. Knowing how to successfully negotiate the many ways that cultural differences make communication difficult gives students the skills that apply in interpersonal, family, group, organizational, and public settings. The department offers a minor, a B.A. in Communications and a Master’s in Professional Communication.


General Interest Area:

A Communication degree is particularly suited for persons who enjoy working with people in any career setting: person to person, small group work, organizations, public office, or other public settings.


High School Background:

Classes in speech or English that emphasize oral communication performance, as in public speaking, debate, or oral performance of literature; social studies; and social sciences.


Plan of Study:

Unique to each individual but with core set of courses to introduce you to the field of communication and the major concepts, theories, and research traditions. The balance of each individual’s program is planned in consultation with an advisor to ensure courses take meet the student’s specific interests.


How to get Involved:

Contact the Communication department for details on clubs, internships, student jobs or volunteer opportunities.


Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Human communications is required for career success in virtually any career a person might choose. Effective communication is the heart of being successful whether one chooses sales, law, education, corporate management, public office, organizational consulting, public relations, social services, or the military. The degree in communication is ground for successful entry and upward mobility in any professional setting.


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