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The Earth Science degree is designed for those students who have an interest in the earth, but do not plan on a science or engineering career. It is especially applicable to those wishing to teach Earth Science. It is also appropriate for people who are entering a field such as resource management where broad training in Earth Science is important. A Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science in commonly combined with a minor in education, management, economics, or business as means of pursuing a people-oriented career involving the earth. Basic course work required for the major is designed to meet the Nation Science Teachers Association requirements for teaching secondary school earth science.

General Interest Area:

Fields of specialization within the Earth Science degree include geology, biological sciences, geography, natural resource management, and hydrology. Most minors can be combined with the Earth Science degree.

High School Background:

Chemistry, biology, mathematics, earth science, English, and speech.

Plan of Study:

Course requirement for the Earth Science B.A. include classes in geology, geography, oceanography, physics, and natural resource management. Students should also have a background of upper division course in geology, geography biology, natural resources management or other earth science related fields. A minor is mandatory

How to get Involved:

Contact the Geology department for information on student clubs, internships, volunteer or student job opportuniites.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

A degree in Earth Science by itself is not very employable for the graduate; employment possibilities depend on what a student combines with Earth Science. Secondary education in the science or earth science is one possibility. Earth Science is a good pre-law major and also acceptable for a pre-med students. Students interested in pursuing earth-related careers in business, management, or administration can combine the appropriate minor with a B.A. in Earth Science. The Earth Science degree could be sufficient preparation for graduate work in geography or physical anthropology, but would nto be sufficient for graduate work in geology or geophysics.

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