Geological Engineering


Geological engineering is the engineering science of applying engineering principles to the study of geological materials as part of the engineering design of facilities including roads, tunnels, and mines especially as related to minerals and mineral products. Geological engineers conduct slope stability analyses, and design remediations for unstable slopes including landslides for mining concerns and civil engineering projects. They are involved in both civil and mining projects. Some geological engineers choose to specialize instead on geotechnical or environmental aspects of the field. Geological engineers also work with the oil industry in exploration.

General Interest Area:

Geological engineering students will learn computer and satellite imaging technology, groundwater hydrology, engineering/ mineral economics, geophysical and geological exploration, environmental science, and design methods.

High School Background:

Mathematics (calculus or pre-calculus), physics, and chemistry are recommended to high school students interested in pursuing studies in geological engineering.

Plan of Study:

Geological Engineering undergraduates generally spend the first two years of their studies building on the basic core requirements such as: math, physics, chemistry, communication, and perspectives on the human condition, as well as taking applied and theoretical engineering science courses. Most students begin their elective credits and engineering concentration in their third and fourth year. Degree requirements and four-year course plan

How to get Involved:

Attend a student chapter meeting of Association of Engineering Geologist (AEG) or contact the Geological Engineering department directly to make an appointment with a faculty member.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Geological engineers have a wide range of employment opportunities with national and international construction firms, consulting engineering firms, oil and mining companies, and government agencies. Undergraduates may go on to pursue a graduate degree in Arctic.

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