Interdisciplinary Program


The interdisciplinary program provides flexibility to students who have well-defined goals that do not fit inot one of the established majors offered by UAF. The program is available to undergraduates at all levels.

General Interest Area:

Students with a strong interest in any area can consider an interdisciplinary degree.

High School Background:

High school students should pursue college preparatory courses, and concentrate on developing strong writing skills.

Plan of Study:

Students may submit a proposal for an interdisciplinary program after completing 15 credits at UAF as long as they have at least 30 credits remaining in the proposed degree program. The proposed curriculum must differ significantly from established degree programs at UAF and will require evidence that the necessary facilities and faculty are available to ensure an approximation of a normal undergraduate degree. All general requirements for the B.A., B.S. or B.T. degree must be met.

Work with an advisor and committee to design a major program.

How to get Involved:

Contact the Interdisciplinary Program Office, located in the Graduate School Office, for information

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Graduates with an Interdisciplinary Studies background can go into law school, medical school, pharmacy school, non-government organizations, government agencies, and industry.

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