The objectives of the Philosophy major are to provide students with a solid historical and comparative background in traditional philosophical disciplines and perspectives, and to assist students in their critical and creative engagement in the philosophical process, developing their own ideas and positions, and exploring the various implication of these ideas.


General Interest Area:

Faculty areas of specialization allow student to concentrate on coursework in the history of philosophy, ethics and public policy, philosophy of science, and comparative (Chinese; Indian) philosophy. This emphasis can be pursued in class, and by independent study.

High School Background:

High School Background College preparatory courses; foreign language; UAF’s PHIL 102, 108, 110 may be taken by high school seniors .

Plan of Study:

The degree requires the completion of 36 credits in philosophy including a core sequence and a number of electives. In addition, the student must take 2 years of foreign language study (this may be a combination of languages). In addition to courses require for the major, student will take core curriculum courses as required for the B.A. degree.


How to get Involved:

Contact the Department of Philosophy & Humanities, 601D in the Gruening Building on the UAF campus, or phone 474-7343


Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Many of the professions place special emphasis upon having a solid intellectual grasp of the arts, sciences, and humanities. A degree in philosophy can provide the foundation, as well as develop skills in analysis and critical thinking. Students of philosophy continue on to advance degrees in law, medicine, education, and other professions. Graduate degrees in philosophy are aimed at those wishing to teach philosophy or those with professional interests that benefit from philosophical training.


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