Rural and Community Development


The Rural Development B.A. degree prepares students for leadership in rural and indigenous communities by providing a broad understanding of global forces affecting rural life and by developing hands-on skills for leadership in public and private sectors. A Masters degree in Rural Development is also offered.

General Interest Area:

Business, tribal governance, community development, economics, public policy, community health and well being, planning, resource co-management, social work, cultural documentation, and rural justice.

High School Background:

Communication (English and speech), math (algebra I & II and geometry) history (Alaska, Alaska Native, U.S., World) and science (biology and chemistry).

Plan of Study:

The B.A. degree in Rural Development consists of a general core of 30 credits and an applied concentration of 24 approved elective credits related to one of the following; land/renewable resources, small business management, tribal and local government administration, community services, or community research and cultural documentation. The M.A. degree requires 30 credits.

How to get Involved:

The desire to make a difference in your home community or the world! Contact the department of Alaska Native and Rural Development for more information.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Over 90 percent of RD graduates find employment in their home community or region in public and private sectors. Recent graduates work with tribal, state, or federal government agencies. Alaska Native profit and non-profit corporations, fisheries or other community development, business, rural tourism enterprises and regional health corporations .

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