Russian Studies


Russian Area Studies involves a program of study that allows the student to pursue courses in language, political science, geography, history, literature, and culture of Russia.

General Interest Area:

History, political science, and geography.

High School Background:

Russian language, English, history, political science, geography, and general interest areas.

Plan of Study:

As a freshman, students will need to enroll in beginning Russian language classes and continue through the 400 level culture and literature courses, as well as take a variety of Russian Studies electives.

How to get Involved:

Visit the language lab on the 6th floor Gruening to try out some of the language resources; apply in the fall for student positions as a language tutor and paper grader; see the department for info on Russian Club happenings; participate in a study abroad program (see the Office of International Programs for more info); stay abreast of world news and events.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Possibilities include: Translator/interpreter; writer; journalist; spy; United States government official; embassy official; teacher; or business and commerce person.

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