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Alaska Tribal-State-Federal Transportation Task Force

The Alaska Tribal-State-Federal Transportation Task Force has been established to improve the delivery of transportation programs and projects that serve Alaska communities by facilitating communication and coordination between the State of Alaska, Alaska Tribal Governments and the Federal Government.  Complex land ownership patterns, remote and isolated project locations, high project mobilization costs and a short construction season make transportation project development costly and logistacally difficult.  The Task Force will:

  1. Provide an ongoing forum for inter-governmental dialogue;
  2. Facilitate implementation of transportation programs and projects;
  3. Facilitate communications and dissemination of information regarding transportation policy and program issues. 

Joint Chairs

Tribal:    Gerry Hope, Sitka Tribe of Alaska
State:     Mark O'Brien, Chief Contracts Officer
Federal:  David (Jeff) Harmon, BIA Supervisory IRR Program Engineer

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Next meeting: Tuesday - November 8, 2011

Teleconference number: 1-877-336-1839
Participant Code: 5440010
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AKST

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