2008 Lenhart J.H. Grothe Resources Award winner

Ernest Wolff

Ernest Wolff

Ernest Wolff worked for the Territorial Department of Mines as an undergraduate and then as an observer and chief assistant at the College Observatory, operated by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He became observer-in-charge of the College Geophysical Observatory of Alaska, later to become the Geophysical Institute. He was a consultant in mineral exploration in Interior and northern Alaska and a research assistant and associate professor at the University of Alaska School of Mines.

Ernie taught geology at the University of Oregon and Colorado State University. He was the assistant director of the Mineral Industry Research Laboratory in Fairbanks and professor of mining engineering at the School of Mines. He was a registered professional engineer and land surveyor and a member of many professional groups. He nurtured and formed the intellectual, political and principle core of many students. He is a legend of the School of Mines.

It is with great pleasure that the UAF Alumni Association awards posthumously to Ernest "Ernie" Wolff the Lenhart J.H. Grothe Resources award.

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