2007 William R. Cashen Service award winner

Nevada Bovee

Nevada Bovee

Nevada Bovee graduated magna cum laude as a non-traditional student in 1996 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She is currently the Vice President of Marketing with the Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union in Fairbanks.

Nevada served six years on the Fairbanks chapter officer board, first as Vice President from 2001 - 2004, then as President from 2004 - 2007. As Vice President Nevada worked with the chapter officer board to build on traditional chapter activities, including the annual hamburger booth, scholarship awards, and Commencement reception. As president, Nevada served as the Fairbanks chapter representative to the UAF Alumni Association Board of Directors where she served as chair for the Fundraising Committee and provided significant contributions to events such as the Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. She oriented a new officer board and led the chapter on identifying criteria for two new scholarship awards, supporting the UAF Grad Bash, and supporting the Benefactor Fund with an annual chapter contribution.

Nevada is well known for her enthusiasm. She enjoys working with people and values individual growth, living by the tenet, "As the individual grows, the community grows." In addition to a challenging career and active alumni participation, Nevada encourages individual growth through school business partnerships, career fairs, and college nights in local high schools. Nevada is an excellent ambassador in our community as a proud UAFAA alum.

It is with great pleasure that the UAF Alumni Association chapters award Nevada Bovee the 2007 William R. Cashen Service Award.

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