Your membership dues at work

When you join the UAF Alumni Association, you support UAF and higher education in Alaska. Here are a few programs your membership dues make possible:

  • The Alumnus newsletter
  • UAF legislative advocacy
  • Student scholarships
  • Grants to improve campus and student life
  • Nanook Rendezvous reunion
  • Networking events in Alaska and the Lower 48
  • Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus and William R. Cashen Service awards

Members in the UAF Alumni Association receive a variety of benefits, including:

Membership options

There are a variety of membership choices for you:
  • Annual membership dues (alumni spouses are free) $50
  • Three-year membership, save $10 (alumni spouses are free) $140
  • Lifetime membership, one-time payment (alumni spouses are free) $1,000
  • Lifetime installment, three annual payments (alumni spouses are free) $334
  • Friends of UAF (annual membership only) $60

Become a member of UAFAA

If you don't want to purchase online, you can sign up for a membership by:

Calling the alumni association office toll free at 844-474-6706 with your credit card information.

Printing out the membership application (PDF) and mailing or faxing it to:

UAF Alumni Association
201 Constitution Hall
PO Box 750126
Fairbanks, AK 99775-0126
Fax: 907-474-6712

Where are UAFAA members?

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