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Home: Fairbanks, AK
Major: Pre-Nursing
Minor: Spanish

Hello everyone! My name is Alexess and I just began my second year here at UAF and loving it! On campus, I am involved in the Pre-Med Club and intermural volleyball, as well as my first year as a student ambassador. I recently moved off of campus, but had lived on campus for the last year and a half, if you have any questions about dorm life. There is always something to do here on campus! I enjoy almost anything outdoors, from snowboarding to cross country skiing to four-wheeling and rock climbing- you name it! In the future, I want to be a nurse practitioner focusing in women’s health and pediatrics. Next year I plan on traveling through South America for a few months with my best friend and will be scoping out where I can hopefully work as a medical provider to South Americans as well! I am also fluent in Spanish, asi que si quieres practicar hablando espanol, veni a hablar conmigo!

10 things about Alexess

  1. My favorite coffee is a 12 oz. vanilla americano with room for almond milk (preferably coconut milk!)

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  1. I am an only child so I always had to be good at making friends.

childhood photo

  1. My favorite year of life has been partaking in the culture of Argentina for my senior year of high school. Here I am in the province of Corrientes, drinking mate, a typical drink made of yerba with my host family.

Yerba Mate in Argentina

  1. My mom and I were chased by wild bison in Delta when I was in first grade. My teacher said that I had a "great imagination." Wrong! My mom marched in and told her it really happened.

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  1. Four wheeling has been my favorite mode of Alaskan transportation since I was a little itty bitty girl (3rd grade era) when I almost cried out of fear of driving over a stick. Wow! That has sure changed.

four wheeling

  1. I am on the intramural volleyball team "Killer Bees"
  1. I love to travel and see new cultures and meet new people.

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  1. Here I am with my wonderful mom, my best friend Hannah hitting the slopes at Moose Mountain -- a true weekend tradition.


  1. Aside from four wheeling, my more eco-friendly form of transport is hands-down rollerblading. Anywhere I can. Anytime I can. With anyone willing to scrape a knee or two (as I did here).

inline skating

inline skating

  1. This is my lucky monkey named George and he has been everywhere I have including the states, Denmark, Paraguay and of course the lovely Argentina. Here he is in his natural habitat, “hanging” out with me.

lucky monkey

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