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Home: Anchorage, AK
Major: Biological Sciences

I chose UAF because I wanted to stay in Alaska! It is my home and I will always come back to it. I made the concrete decision to come to UAF when I went on a campus tour in the fall of my junior year of high school. The campus was like a small community and everywhere I went people were not afraid to say hi or start a conversation. It was like a home away from home! I live on campus and am enjoying it every day. It is super convenient. Hiking, fishing, and camping are some summer activities I love to participate in. In the winter I like snowboarding and cross country skiing, snow machining and ice skating. Going to UAF hockey games is another one of my favorite things to do when I'm not in class. I am also involved in Chi Alpha campus ministries. After I graduate from UAF I plan on becoming a Physical Therapist and traveling.

10 about Bayli

  1. I have an identical twin sister who also attends UAF.

 Bayli and twin sister

  1. I love reading books, especially sci-fi!

 Baby looking at book animated gif

  1. I've traveled across the world to Thailand and Laos.

 Bayli in Thailand

  1. I love going to Bluegrass festivals.

 Dogs playing banjo animated gif

  1. I love dogs and I have two of them!

 Dog  Also dog

  1. I LOVE playing softball

 Softball pitch animated gif

  1. I am a snowboarder.

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  1. My favorite animal is the Elephant and I got to ride one in Laos!

 Bayli and elephant

  1. I do NOT like bugs. Spiders scare me to death!

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  1. I love watching hockey! my favorite NHL team is the Minnesota Wild!

 Bayli and Nanook mascot

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