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Home: Kandy, Sri Lanka
Major: business administration

Hi, my name is Jason and I'm an international student here at UAF. I came to UAF because the petroleum engineering program here is one of the best in the world and because Fairbanks is very different from Sri Lanka, where I am from. This is my second year at UAF. I live on campus and play on an intramural volleyball team. 

10 things about Jason

  1. I was born on a tear drop shaped island named Sri lanka.

 Map of Sri Lanka

  1. I consider Saudi Arabia as home since I lived there the longest (6years).

 Map of Saudi Arabia

  1. I was on the volleyball, basketball, and badminton team back in high school.
  1. I still play volleyball at UAF in an intramurals team.

 Volleyball animated gif

  1. I love dogs, and have 2 back in Sri lanka.


  1. I love traveling around the world and experiencing new cultures.

 Compass and map

  1. I have a younger sister.


  1. The Tomorrowland festival (a 3 day music festival in Belgium) is on my bucket list.

 Tomorrowland Festival"Tomorrowland 2014, Boom, Belgium" by Global Stomping is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

  1. I came to study at UAF for my degree (Since UAF is known for its petroleum engineering degree) and a change in weather (from 120 degrees to -40 degrees).

 Bear ice sculpture

  1. If you are in a car with me I will always blast the music.


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