Meet Mikey


Pronouns: He/him/his
Fairbanks, AK
Major: Digital Journalism
Minor: Spanish

My name's Mikey and Fairbanks is my home. I grew up about 5 minutes from campus and started working in a student position with UAF Career Services shortly after graduating high school. After a year and a half, I took a break from school to think about what degree I wanted to pursue, but I'm back at school and have recently found interest in Digital Journalism. I currently live just north of campus in a cabin without running water— what Alaskans call a dry cabin. Outside of work and school, I like spending time with friends playing video games, watching movies, and making art and music.

10 things about Mikey

  1. I think UAF history is pretty darn cool.
    laying of UAF cornerstone
    Photo credit: Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  1. I adopted a cute little cat just before Father's Day this past year. His name is Barnibus.
  1. Exploring places on Google Earth is one of my favorite wastes of time.
    Google Earth
  1. I'm about to become an uncle!
  1. I'm the youngest of 5. My oldest sibling is 20 years older than me.
  1. One time I found a fossil while camping near Suntrana Creek, just north of Denali National Park.
    fossil discovery
  1. Blue is my favorite color.
    Blue texture
  1. My favorite beverage is water.
    water cup
  1. I enjoy painting, drawing, photoshop art, and more.
    photoshop art example
  1. My dream job would be Hot Air Balloon Pirate... though I hear there isn't much demand for that job right now.
     Hot air balloons animated gif

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