Meet Raven


Home: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Sports Management and Outdoor Leadership

I come from a military family so I've traveled quite a bit, but Alaska is definitely home. I love how close it is to nature and the close knit community here at UAF. Although I'm a commuter student I am involved in the Vegan Vegetarian Society and The Gender and Sexuality Alliance club here on campus. I have dreams to become a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. I'm the co-owner of a local dog business known as Nyyrikki Kennel. You'll find me in the summer picking berries or mushroom hunting and I love to take photos, metalsmith and design tattoos in my free time.

10 things about Raven

  1. I garden so much every summer that I considered botany at one point in time.


  1. I have three dogs.


  1. Chai gets me through the day (but honestly I love all tea).

 Chai tea

  1. I dislike the shape of buttermilk pancakes.

 Grumpy cat meme

  1. I graduated high school in South Korea.
  1. I love metalsmithing!

 Handmade jewelry

  1. I'm allergic to raw mushrooms but I eat them anyways.



  1. I enjoy yoga and i would like to be advanced someday.

 Yoga ball tipping over animated gif

  1. I spent my entire whole summer 2016 raising and photographing six beautiful karelian bear dog puppies.


  1. I was on my school's wrestling team throughout middle and high school.

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