Meet Summer


Home: Petersburg, AK
Major: Civil Engineering

Hi! This is my second year here at UAF. I live here on campus in Cutler Apartments and love every minute of it. I am constantly busy because of the many things campus has to offer. Most of my time is spent either in class, doing homework, working or socializing with friends, so I have a very busy schedule. What I love most about UAF is how close-knit the community is. It is almost impossible for you to not be walking around and not see someone that you know. If you see me around campus or have any questions just let me know!

10 things about Summer

  1. I once hiked/camped on a glacier for a full week over the summer with a program called Girls on Ice.

 Summer on a glacier

  1. I love the outdoors

 Summer kayaking

  1. I live in a small fishing community in Southeast Alaska

 Petersburg, AK

  1. Xtra-Tufs are a major part of my everyday fashion.

 Rain boots

  1. I am a HUGE Seahawks fan.

 Seahawks jersey

  1. I love most animals, but especially cats.


  1. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

 Dancing pumpkin head animated gif

  1. I love country music.

 Forever country animated gif

  1. Seattle is my favorite place in the US.

Seattle skyline animated gif

  1. I absolutely hate peas.

 Talking peas in a pod animated gif

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