Connecting to ARSC Academic Systems


User Authentication Using UA Passwords

ARSC user authentication utilizes University of Alaska (UA) passwords for logging into ARSC systems. The UA password is the password currently used to access Blackboard, EDIR, and UA google mail. This login option is available to ARSC users with current login accounts within the UA system and non-UA affiliates who create new UA guest accounts.

Follow these steps to login to the ARSC systems using your UA password:

1. Connect to the ARSC system like you normally would:

mysystem % ssh

2. A new "Password:" prompt will appear. Enter your University of Alaska password at this prompt.


Login Using SSH Public Keys

ARSC academic systems allow the use of SSH Public Key Authentication for user login. Please read the system news titled pubkeys for instructions on how to setup and use SSH Public Keys on the ARSC academic systems.


Client Software

Connections to ARSC systems require the use of clients supporting the ssh protocol. Below is a list of commonly used clients using the ssh protocol.

MS Windows

  • PuTTY - ssh terminal connections
  • XMing - X Windows server
  • WinSCP - sftp / scp based file transfer connections
  • FileZilla - GUI based sftp file transfer connections.
  • Cygwin ssh/scp/sftp - command line based ssh/scp and sftp based connections.

Linux and Mac OS X

  • ssh/scp/sftp - command line based ssh/scp and sftp based connections. These packages are generally included with the OS.
  • FileZilla - GUI based sftp file transfer connections.

Transferring Files to Academic Systems

ARSC support scp and sftp for transfer of files to and from ARSC academic systems.

If a user chooses to transfer files WinSCP, please download the latest version of the WinSCP software from Use WinSCP to connect to ARSC academic system with the following:

  • At the initial WinSCP Login dialog select new to create a new site definition.
  • Enter Host name (eg and username leaving the password blank.
  • Use save to save the session and later you can select it by name from the WinSCP Login dialog.
  • Use Login with the session you want to start highlighted.
  • You will get a host key Warning the first time you connect to a system.
  • Use "Yes" for "Continue connecting and add host key to the cache?"
  • ARSC systems will also display an authentication banner.
  • Enter your UA password at the Password prompt
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