Manual and Info Pages

Manual Pages

When working on a GNU/Linux or other unix-like system, many system commands and standard library functions are documented through the manual page system, also known as "man pages". To access the manual page for the command, enter "man command_name". For example, for the "cd" command:

man cd

Sometimes, a command or function name might be located in more than one section of the manual pages. In this case, the system may ask you to specify which one you want. Either press enter to select the default choice or enter the number of the section.

% man stat Man: find all matching manual pages * stat (1) stat (2) stat (3p) Man: What manual page do you want? Man: 2

Info Documents

Much additional documentation about standard software provided on GNU/Linux systems is available through the "Info reader". To learn how to use the Info reader, simply type

info info

To see a listing of many of the Info manuals that are available, enter the "info" command by itself. Or enter "info" followed by the name of a documented program.

info info bash
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