Resource Accounting

Resource Allocation

ARSC allocates computer resources to projects rather than to individuals. Each project has a designated principal investigator (PI) who is in charge of the research project. The PI approves user access to the project. All users have equal access to the available resources.

ARSC resources are allocated in CPU hours for each platform. CPU hours are calculated by multiplying the number of hours a program runs by the total number of processors requested by the program. Allocations apply to the October 1st - September 30th federal fiscal year. If your project has or will run out of allocation, please contact User Support to request additional CPU hour allocation.


Estimating Your Allocation Request In CPU Hours

To obtain the initial estimates of the CPU hours, most users need to run sample jobs. ARSC provides "Start Up" accounts that have limited allocation for code testing, porting and debugging. "Start Up" accounts are for users needing to make preliminary estimates of their resource requirements.


Managing Your Resources

Resource accounting is applicable to ARSC compute resources. The show_usage command is available to help you track your projects' utilization of resources. The show_usage utility is located in /usr/local/bin on the HPC systems.



pacman % show_usage -h

show_usage [-h] [-s]
-h show this help dialog
-s shows project information for all available systems.

Sample Use:

pacman1 % show_usage 

            ARSC - Subproject Usage Information (in CPU Hours)
                     As of 13:21:01 hours ADT 21 Nov 2011
          For Fiscal Year 2012 (01 October 2011 - 30 September 2012)
                  Percentage of Fiscal Year Remaining: 86.03% 

                          Hours      Hours      Hours      Percent  Background
System     Subproject     Allocated  Used       Remaining  Remaining Hours Used
========== ============== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==========
pacman     projecta        300000.00  165988.93  134011.07    44.67%     428.80
pacman     projectb         10000.00       0.00   10000.00   100.00%       0.00

The PI of any given project may request a more comprehensive utilization report by contacting User Support.


Instructions for Users in Multiple Projects

Allocation of ARSC systems is controlled via UNIX groups. The "groups" command shows the user's group membership.

For example:

pacman% groups
projecta projectb

This user's default project is "projecta". The default project will be charged the allocation hours consumed per job submitted to the batch scheduler. Users belonging to more than one project may select an alternate project to charge their allocation against when submitting jobs to the batch scheduler.

Users in a single project do not need to specify a project in their job submission scripts.

In the above example, allocation hours would be charged to "projecta" by default. "projectb" would be charged allocation hours instead by including the following option in their job submission script:

#PBS -W group_list=projectb

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