Running X Windows Applications Remotely

Using X Window Applications Remotely from Linux and Macintosh Systems

If you wish to run X Window applications, we recommend connecting with an ssh client. To enable X11 forwarding over ssh, you must connect using the X (X11) and Y (trusted) flags. For example, a user with account jppatches would connect to an ARSC system named 'alibi' as follows:

ssh -XY

Using X Windows Applications Under Microsoft Windows

To run remote X Window applications under Microsoft Windows, you must install both an X Window server and an SSH client. There are several third-party X Window servers available, including Cygwin/X, XMing, and Exceed (proprietary). For instructions in installing and using Cygwin/X or XMing and an appropriate SSH client, please refer to the following articles:


ARSC| Installing and Using Cygwin

ARSC| SSH and X11 Forwarding Using Cygwin

ARSC| Using Xming - X Server for Microsoft Windows

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