Sample Code Repositories


ARSC maintains a user-accessible Sample Code Repository of frequently-used procedures, routines, scripts, and codes on each system. Users of all skill levels can use the samples in the sample code repository to find best practices for various situations. If you would like to contribute or request an example be created, please contact User Support.


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Locating the Sample Codes

Repositories are system-specific, and only accessible to active users of the given system. The environment variable $SAMPLES_HOME points to the top-level directory containing the repository. To start exploring it:

  1. log on to the system
  2. at the prompt type:
cd $SAMPLES_HOME # to visit the repository less $SAMPLES_HOME/INDEX.txt # to view descriptions of the examples

Details About the Repository Contents

Indices for available repositories are available in ARSC system news as "samples_home". At the prompt, type:

news samples_home
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