Sharing of Large Files

The University of Alaska subscribes to an Internet2 file sharing service named FileSender. This service may be used by UA affiliates to temporarily host and share large files. FileSender will send a link by email to the person you wish to share a file with.

To use this service, open in a new browser window or tab. Click "Log On".

When you are prompted to provide your organization's name, click "Allow me to choose from a list". Select "University of Alaska Statewide System" from the drop-down list and click "Continue". You will be redirected to a University of Alaska login page. Log in with your UA username and password.

From the next page, you will use the provided form to upload your file and provide necessary information. In "To", write the email address of the person you wish to email a link to, which will allow them to download your file. You may also provide an optional subject and message, which will be used alongside the FileSender default message in the sent email.

To upload your file, click on "Browse", navigate to your local file, and select it. The file will be uploaded when you submit the web form, and a dialog will open showing you upload progress. Note - FileSender will keep your file for up to two weeks before removing it.

When the file upload is complete, you will be emailed a duplicate of the email sent to your recipient. When you are finished, you may log out of FileSender.

FileSender also allows you to send a "Guest Voucher" to someone so that they can upload a file and share it with you and/or others. Just use the "Guest Voucher" option and enter in the email address of the person you want to be able to upload a file for you to download. The recipient of the "Guest Voucher" can then upload a file and specify the recipients that it is being shared to. The creator of a voucher will get copies of all the emails that the use of the voucher generates including the invitations to download a file and the notifications that a file was downloaded.

File sender also allows you to see all the files and vouchers that have not reached their expiration date.

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