Dig Dug


Dig Dug is a non-commodity cluster hosting our large Lustre File System. This file system provides ARSC systems a scratch storage space with a capacity of 278 terabytes.

Dig Dug serves the Gemini interconnect, the Infiniband interconnect, and an Ethernet connection on the ARSC Linux HPC systems. An NFS interface is also provided for our non-Linux systems.

The Lustre File System is mounted on the $CENTER directory on the ARSC HPC systems. The file system is not backed-up or archived, but rather it is intended to serve as a fast-access scratch file system for tasks such as compiling, data manipulation, and massive short-term output storage.

Please read the following articles to learn about our various storage resources and how to use them, as well as important information regarding quotas, purging, and other ARSC storage policies.


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