ARSC Resource Grant Application


This is the ARSC Resource Grant Application used for annual project renewals and new project requests.

This Resource Grant Application should be completed by the project Principal Investigator.
One application should be submitted per project.

This form should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Please gather the following information to facilitate the completion of this application:

  • Principal Investigator contact information
  • All project members' contact information
  • Project Account ID (if renewing an existing project, e.g. ARSCWRF or PHYS693)
  • Project information including description, research methods, and funding
  • Resource requirements including computational, pre/post processing, data storage, and software

Project Status and University of Alaska Focus

Project Status (Please select one)

Existing Project Account ID
The Project Account ID is the capitalized character string included in the renewal notice email, e.g. ARSCWRF or PHYS693.

Research Area: Preference for project requests will be given to projects led by University of Alaska faculty or staff members with arctic and high latitude related research.

Please check the following criteria which apply to this project proposal (required).

Contact Information

Additional Project Members

If you are adding or removing project members, please list them below. Existing project members will remain on the project unless they are listed below.

Please contact User Support if you would like to add or remove more project members than the number of fields provided above.

Project Information

Resource Requirements

CPU Allocation Requirements

Every active ARSC project must submit an accurate estimate for total number of allocation hours needed for computation during the upcoming fiscal year.

One CPU Allocation hour corresponds to one CPU hour. The following information applies to all CPU Allocation Requests:

  • CPU hours are calculated by multiplying the number of hours a program runs by the total number of processors requested by the program.
  • CPU hour availability cannot be guaranteed for projects submitting inaccurate estimates.
  • Due to the limited availability of resources, ARSC may not support all requests or provide all resources as requested.
  • Pacman allocation can be used on any available pacman node types.

If you require assistance determining CPU hour estimates, please contact the ARSC Help Desk (

Please enter an accurate estimate of CPU hours needed during the upcoming fiscal year (Oct. 1st - Sept. 30th) for the following systems:

Anticipated Job Characteristics

From the list below, please select the job characteristics which best describe the style of programs you (or your project members) will run using ARSC resources.

Serial Jobs

Parallel Jobs

Specialized Hardware

Data Storage Requirements

Please enter the amount of data storage necessary for the following file systems. This should include current data stored plus anticipated storage needed through the entire fiscal year.

Software Requirements

The following commercial software packages are currently installed on ARSC systems (but may have access restrictions.) Please check the box below if you (or your project members) intend to use the listed commercial software on ARSC systems. New software installations can be requested here.

If you require resources not mentioned above, please enter them in the box below:

New Areas of Interest

Please check the following boxes indicating your interest in the following resources:


I understand that the information I submitted on this form will be used to evaluate my eligibility for an ARSC resource grant. I attest that the information submitted on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I am granted access to ARSC systems I will read, understand, and abide by the rules, policies, and procedures regarding proper use.

Eligibility of non-University of Alaska collaborators to use ARSC resources is contingent on them conducting work consistent with the project description provided herein.

Commercial software availablity is contingent on funding provided by my project, academic department or the University of Alaska. Some software licenses may have access restrictions which limit the use of the software package.

Access to ARSC resources is contingent on the association with the University of Alaska that is described herein. Should that association end, I understand that access to the resources assigned to this project may be terminated or reassigned at the discretion of ARSC.

Should this resource grant proposal be accepted, I also agree to include the following credit: "This work was supported in part by a grant of HPC resources from the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks" in any publications that result from research supported by this grant.

***Important Note Prior to Submitting***

If your window does not change to the words "Thank You!" after clicking the "Submit form to ARSC" button below, there is a required entry missing in your application. Please find that missing entry (flagged with red writing), enter the appropriate data, then resubmit.

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