ARSC HPC Users' Newsletter Number 428 2013-12-11

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ARSC Holiday Hours

We wish all readers a peaceful and restful holiday season. Here are ARSC's office hours during UAF's winter closure period (December 23, 2013 through January 5, 2014).

ARSC Offices will be open and lightly staffed on:

Monday and Tuesday, December 23rd and 24th
Monday and Tuesday, December 30th and 31st

ARSC Offices will be closed in alignment with the UAF holidays and closure period:

Wednesday through Sunday, December 25th - 29th
Wednesday through Sunday, January 1st - 5th, 2014

Critical systems monitoring and response will continue 24x7 during the entire Holiday season. However, inquiries to the ARSC Helpdesk and non-critical system outages will be handled during the next scheduled business day.


Forthcoming Intel Training

We will be announcing training for the Intel parallel development and debugging environments, Parallel Studio and Cluster Studio. Recently, ARSC added the Intel compiler collection to our systems. Use "module load PrgEnv-intel" to access the tools. We are evaluating the debugger, trace tools, and other components.

Intel will provide training. When scheduled, it will be announced via We hope to schedule the training for mid-January 2014.


More On "Module Avail" Grepping

In issue #427, we talked about capturing output from the "module" command. Thanks to Jed Brown for this additional information:

With bash 4.0 and later, or with zsh, you can use module avail |& grep fftw

And then, Constantine Khroulev, who first brought up the topic of grepping output from the "module" command, discovered terse mode:

Thanks for the tip! Soon after I sent that e-mail to I discovered that the "module" command can do the grepping for you. Here's an example: khroulev@pacman1:~> module avail ff -t /usr/local/pkg/modulefiles: ffmpeg/1.0(default) fftw/2.1.5.gnu-4.7.3 fftw/2.1.5.pgi-12.10 fftw/3.2.2.gnu-4.7.3 fftw/3.2.2.pgi-12.5 fftw/3.3.3.gnu-4.7.3 fftw/3.3.3.pgi-12.5 /opt/scyld/modulefiles: Here "-t" turns on the "terse" output mode.

Quick-Tip Q & A


Last time, we asked:

Q: The program I'm using output UNIX time stamps, which is great for being able to compare one time to another, but occasionally I want to know the real date and time.



corresponds to

Fri May 31 03:33:20 AKDT 2013

Currently I use a script to use do a conversion, but I would rather
not have to copy the script from machine to machine. Is there a
standard command line tool that will do this?

Thanks to many people who offered a similar answer. These included:

Ryan Czerwiec
Olivier Golinelli
Christopher Howard
Constantine Khroulev
James Long
Martin Luethi

Here is a response from Lorin Hochstein, including two sets of syntax:

The "date" command can do this for you, but the flags vary by platform. On Linux, you would do: date --date='@1370000000' This will output: Fri May 31 07:33:20 EDT 2013 On Mac OS X (and, presumably, other BSD-ish systems), you would do: date -r 1370000000

Here is a new question for next time:

Q: What are some tips and gotchas for using BSD-style systems versus SysV-style systems? (Or, more simply: Mac versus Linux.) Do you have favorite aliases, scripts or commands for dealing with the differences?


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