Occupational Endorsement, Certificate & Degree Programs

Bristol Bay Campus is a community campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, as a part of
College of Rural and Community Development (CRCD)

The following include programs either hosted entirely from the UAF Bristol Bay Campus or in partnership with UAF and other CRCD rural campuses.               


Occupational Endorsement: (OE) These programs are designed to give students occupational training in a specific field. (9-24 credits)     

Administrative Assistant 

Bookkeeping Technician

Carpentry, Basic

Facility Maintenance

Financial Services Representative

Health, Allied

Rural Waste Management and Spill Response

Sustainable Energy

Tribal Justice

Welding, Entry -Level

Certificate and Associate Degree Programs:

Certificate-designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or upgrading in a specific occupation. (30 credits)

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or upgrading in a specific occupation. (60 credits)

Associate of Science (A.S.) - A boradbased course of study with emphasis on science, a steppingstone to a sicence related Bachelor's program. (60 credits)

 Associate of Arts (A.A.) -A program of study with interdisciplinary approach useful for transferring to future degrees. (60 credits)

Accounting, Applied -A.A.S.
Accounting Technician -Certificate
Associate of Arts -A.A.
Business, Applied - A.A.S.
Business Management, Applied -Certificate
Community Health - Certificate; A.A.S.
Construction Trades Technology -Certificate; A.A.S.
Early Childhood Education -A.A.S
Environmental Studies -Certificate
Ethnobotany- Certificate
Health, Allied - Certificate; A.A.S.
Pre-Nursing - Certificate
Human Services - A.A.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies -A.A.S.
Tribal Management -Certificate; A.A.S.
Yup'ik Language Proficiency -Certificate; A.A.S


Bachelor's Degrees: (120-130 credits)

Child Development and Family Studies -Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Education -Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Postbacculaureate Licensure
Fisheries - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.); Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Interdisciplinary Studies - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.); Bachelor of Science (B.S.); Bachelor of Technology (B.T.)
Rural Development -Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)



Graduate Degrees: (30-39 credits)

Cross-Cultural Studies -Master of Arts (M.A.)
Education - Masters of Education (M.Ed.)
Rural Development - Master of Arts (M.A.)
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