A.A.S. Associate of Applied Science - Nursing

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus in partnership with the University Of Alaska Anchorage School Of Nursing is offering course work toward the completion of an AAS degree in nursing. Students are admitted into the two year program and study through distance delivered lectures, on-site skill labs, and clinical experiences. The end goal of the program is to train individuals to become licensed as registered nurses. The Bristol Bay Campus facilitates distance lectures that are taught by nursing faculty in regions such as Fairbanks, Anchorage, Bethel, Sitka, and Kodiak. The nursing students are able to complete skill labs and participate in clinical experiences at the local hospital and assistive living home. The goal of the program is to offer local residents the opportunity to gain an AAS degree in nursing and provide a local employment base of registered nurses. Graduates of the AAS Program are prepared to provide direct nursing care to individuals in inpatient and outpatient settings.

This program is funded by contributions from partners including funding from Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Denali Commission, Title III funding, the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation and Marrulut Eniit Assistive Living have provided clinical sites for the students to gain experience in patient care.

The next deadline for admission into the AAS nursing program offered through the Bristol Bay Campus is July 1, 2014. The next cohort of students will start the program in January 2015. Applicants are ranked by a point system by the UAA admissions committee. It is important for applicants to have their school of nursing application in before the end of the spring semester in order to apply for the following semester. Rural students have a variety of funding sources available to which they can apply.

Interested individuals are encouraged to make an appointment with UAF BBC nursing faculty and/or the UAF BBC Career and Academic Counselor for further information.

Associate Of Applied Science, Nursing Curriculum

Prerequisites (prerequisites must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher prior to applying to
the AAS program major).

Math 105 - Intermediate Algebra
Biol A111 - Anatomy and Physiology I
Chem 055 - Contemporary Chemistry

1st Semester:

NURS A120, A120L - Nursing Fundamentals
ENGL 111 - Written Communication
BIOL 112 - Anatomy and Physiology
PSY150 - Life Span Development

2nd Semester:

NURS A125,A125L - Adult Nursing
NURS A180 - Basic Nursing Pharmacology
Oral Communications
BIOL 240 - Microbiology

3rd Semester:

NURS A220,A220L - Perinatal Nursing
NURS A221 - Advanced Parenteral Therapy Lab
NURS A222, A222L - Pediatric Nursing
DN 203 - Nutrition for Health Sciences
ENGL 211,212 or 213 - Written Communications

4th Semester:

NURS A225,A225L - Adult Nursing II
NURS A250,A250L - Psychiatric Nursing
NURS A255 - The Staff Nurse
Social Science General Education Req.
NURS A295 Intensive Clinical Practicum Optional

Minimum total credit hours for the AAS Nursing Degree is 70 credits

RRANN: www.uaa.alaska.edu/rrann-nwdp/

UAA School of Nursing: www.uaa.alaska.edu/schoolofnursing/

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