2008 Interns

Erin Walsh; lab-lackey, eco-crony, subordinate-sampler, bio-minion-- yep that’s me! Call it what you will, I was a BBC Environmental Science Lab summer intern and proud of it! The job was great for me because, as a student pursuing a degree in wildlife biology, being able to take a position working with scientific and environmental issues directly related to my community and my state was an opportunity I was lucky to have. So to team Ecolab, thanks for an awesome summer! I learned a lot and can’t wait to put it to good use!   


Sidney    Nelson is a 17-year old local guy, just starting his senior year of high school.   Sid has been having a blast this summer as an environmental research aide.   He has been involved in sorting, measuring, drying and grinding many of the samples from summer trawling trips.   He has also been conducting temperature tolerance experiments on the local isopod Mesidotea entomon.      Sidney was the full-time sediment analyzer at the lab, measuring grain size of Nushagak Bay sediments.   He learned A LOT this summer!




Jon Blanco is a student at the University of Hawaii, Hilo and part of the joint research aid program for summer interns to spend their summers working for the University of Alaska’s environmental programs.   Hobbies of Jon’s include learning about different cultures, the natural sciences, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.   He is energetic and outgoing and loves life.   Jon appreciates the opportunities this internship has brought him and especially the experiences he’s had here in Alaska because of it.



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