The UAF Bristol Bay Campus offers numerous courses that could articulate into fisheries degrees offered at UAF and UAS. Many of them are available on-line. Occasionally, there are scholarships available to fund student tuition and travel for students to attend local hands-on courses. We are also constantly investigating ideas for new course offerings based on community interest and demand. If you're interested in registering for a course please contact us today! Here is a list of our core courses:

ENVI 193 Fisheries of Western Alaska (3 cr.)

ENVI F101 Introduction to Environmental Science (3 cr.)

ENVI F260 Field Techniques for Environmental Technicians (2 cr.)

ENVI F265 Introduction to Methods in Environmental Studies Reporting (2 cr.)

ENVI F160 Internship in Environmental Studies (2 cr.)

ENVI F130 Introduction to the National Environmental Policy Act (1 cr.)

Additional classes will be needed to complete the Certificate and AAS including writing communications, oral communications, quantitative/computational skills, Natural Sciences and electives. Contact an Academic Advisor (800-478-5109 or (907) 842-5109) today to find out more.

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