Payment plans and advance of funding

PLEASE NOTE: you will NOT be dropped for non-payment if you enroll in a payment plan.

Spring 2017 Payment Plan Information

Spring 2017 Payment Plans are still available:

Option 4 – Available 1/30 - 2/15. Pay 1/4th of the balance down including a $75.00 enrollment fee. The 3 remaining payments are due (3/1, 4/1, and 5/1).

ALL payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payment plans will automatically adjust if classes are added/dropped or if additional charges are added to your student account. Email notifications will remind students of upcoming payments or if the payment amount has increased. A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed for each monthly installment payment that is paid past the due date.

Payment Plans will also be available through the Office of the Bursar for an enrollment fee of $50.00; after the fee payment deadline on January 30th the enrollment fee increases to $75.  Students will have access to their plan and to make payments by logging onto their UAOnline account. All communication regarding plans will be sent to the student's direct deposit, preferred or default email address. You can change/update your address on you UAOnline account.

IMPORTANT: If you are in a current Fall payment plan, you will need to pay the balance in full before entering into a Spring payment plan.

At this time UAOnline plans are only available for UAF degree seeking students and non-degree seeking students (UAA and UAS, contact your campus).

*Monthly rent cannot be included into a payment plan. Contact the Bursar's Office to set up an estimated plan.

Personal payments (including UA College Savings Plan) will apply to the next payment due. Financial Aid that does not pay your student balance in full will apply to all payments evenly.

UAOnline Payment Plan Enrollment Instructions

  1. Log into UAOnline
  2. Click on "Student Services and Account Information"
  3. Click on "Student Account"
  4. Click on "Account Detail for Term (Semester) / Pay Term Balance"
  5. Make sure the current term is selected and submit
  6. Click on the grey "PAY NOW" button above your "201603 Fall Semester Term Detail" after acknowledging the refund policy terms
  7. You will be directed to the secured TouchNet epay website.  If you have multiple accounts select "UAF WEB Payments" from the "My Accounts" drop down list and click on "Select". Click on "Payment Plans" on top page bar.
  8. Click on the green "Enroll Now" button
  9. Select the current term and complete remaining payment plan steps
  10. Make your next payment on the 1st of the next month (unless you scheduled future payments)
  11. Success!

Spring 2017 Advance of Funding

The Advance of Funding (PDF) for the Spring semester is now available. You may be eligible for an advance on your financial aid for the purchase of textbooks and supplies if you have 100% guaranteed funding that is sufficient to cover both your entire balance AND your funding request. Once approved a $10 fee will be applied to your student account.

The Office of the Bursar will need to verify that you have enough certified financial aid available to cover all your tuition and fees as well as the Advance of Funding. If we cannot verify funds, written verification of funding will be required.

The money from the Advance of Funding will be applied to your PolarExpress Card as Bear Bucks. You will be able to purchase books and necessary supplies at any UAF BookstoreYOU DO NOT NEED A POLAREXPRESS CARD TO PURCHASE BOOKS ONLINE.  At checkout, simply enter your student ID number and the amount will be deducted from your Bear Bucks.

All communication regarding your Advance of Funding loan will be sent to your email address indicated below. If you have questions, contact the UAF Office of the Bursar at 907-474-7384, via email at or visit us in person in 1st Floor Signers' Hall.

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