Developing Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Arctic:

A Siberian-Alaskan Exchange Project


This study will explore the processes and practices of two Indigenous social science researchers working with arctic Indigenous youth on issues related to social change and well-being in the circumpolar north.

Scientists have developed theories about the ways Indigenous research methods could expand or improve current practice, but few have attempted to test these theories. This study will introduce innovative methods, such as peer observation of research, as part of an exchange between two Indigenous arctic communities, one in Siberia and one in Alaska. The exchange will involve site visits to each community by a research team made up of the two Indigenous PIs and two Indigenous community collaborators.

The involvement and exchange of an Indigenous research team will open up pathways to community and cultural knowledge and understanding not typically accessed with more traditional research design and methods.

Stacy Rasmus, Ph.D. Principal Investigator
Olga Ulturgasheva, Ph.D. Subaward PI, University of Cambridge
Funder: National Science Foundation/Early Concepts Grants for Exploratory Research
, Award number ARC-120894

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