Negotiating Pathways to Adulthood:

Social Change and Indigenous Culture in Five Circumpolar Communities

Young arctic indigenous youth meeting in Washington D.C.
Photo by Stacy Rasmus

Contemporary dynamics of rapid social change have dramatically affected the political, cultural, and economic systems of circumpolar Indigenous people.

This investigation will examine 120 youth life history narratives in Alaska Inupiat, Alaska Yup’ik, Canadian Inuit, Norwegian Sami and Siberian Eveny communities to identify shared and divergent stressors and patterns of resilience in the transition to adulthood.

This project uses a youth-driven community based participatory research approach, represented by the production of a graphic novel to disseminate findings from the project locally and to other arctic Indigenous youth.

Stacy Rasmus, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Tara Ford, M.A., Graduate Research Assistant
Funder: National Science Foundation, Award number ARC-1216257

Click on Yugtun Defenders to see the complete comic book.
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